Martin Frey

(Civil - Engineer / Process-Engineer / Musician)

  • Graduated in Switzerland University Zurich & Brugg-Windisch in Civil Engineering.
  • MBA, CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing).
  • National & International experience in Civil Engineering & Buildings, Industrial Process Engineering (accordion factory, car industry, air and space corporations, robotics & simulations processes {SAP, Waterman, Oracle db a.s.o.}, international electric power corporations), SOX- (EY) & ICS-compliance)
  • Leading positions in different industrial firms. International concert experience, organizing concerts & seminars for different formations & soloists (Timbre Russian Accordions Group, Friedrich Lips, Pawel Smirnov Orchestra, Air New-Zealand Accordion Orchestra, Frank Marokko, Fang Yuan, Yuri Shishkin, a.s.o.)
  • Owner of the “General Import Company for PIGINI & EXCELSIOR Accordions Switzerland & Liechtenstein” for more than 27 years.

Pavel Zaitsev

(Artist, teacher)

  • Graduated from Russian Academy of music (RAM)(Prof. F.Lips).
  • Laureate of International competitions.
  • Laureate of the prize of Moscow region Governor
  • in the field of culture and art.
  • Gives concerts in Russia and abroad.
  • Honored artist of Russia.

Yuriy Zhmodik

(Artist, teacher)

  • Graduated from the Moscow state Conservatory Schnittke ( a class of I. G. Puritsa)
  • Graduated from Russian Academy of music (RAM) (Professor V. Belyakov).
  • Laureate of international competitions in Italy (Lanciano, Castelfidardo).
  • Winner as a teacher of 14-Th international competition of accordionists, accordion (2017, Lithuania, Kaunas state Conservatory).