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75th Anniversary

75th Anniversary


Our main mission for more than 70 years is to build the best accordions.

Our dedication has always been the achievement of the total perfection in the aesthetics, in the reed clearness, in the careful selection of wood, in the accurate manufacturing of mechanics, in the perfect balance between lightness and acoustic richness, aiming not only, to produce an excellent instrument, but also to be able to give a shining personality.

What we create, is basically a ready soul, both to be expertly shaped from the artist, and be enjoyed with facility from an amateur accordionist. Our craft workshop is also a meeting place since we strongly believe in the union and in the harmony among the composer, executor and luthier. We think that the artistic creation, the music interpretation and the instrument production go hand by hand with a clear and dynamic interdependence among them.

We have always been motivated by exchanges of views and advices; the inspiration of the best influential accordionists lead constantly us to improve more and more. On the other hand, through the years, our intuition and most of our instruments became “state of art”, undisputed landmarks in the great accordion world.

Mythos, Nova, Super compact, Peter Pan, to name but a few examples, have revolutionized this world, towards a new future.

Our aim?

To realize the dreams inspired by several musics all over the world, to produce extraordinary accordions that allow our musicians to live amazing experiences, to increase the customer desire to express freely his musical talent. Discover the accordion good for you, visit our web-site and go to the nearest distributor.

PIGINI Wing Superieur Cherrywood


REEDS handgefertigt


- Cassotto NO

- Keys 37

- Range FA/FA

- Chin-Switches 0

- Register 9

- Choirs 4 (16'/8'/8'/4')


- Buttons 120

- Register 5

- Choirs 5


- Dimension 43 x 19 cm

- Weight 8 kg

PIGINI Super Compact Standard-Bass

PIGINI Super Compact SB Ansicht 1SC_SB_dL_02_Internet

The PIGINI Super Compact Standard-Bass accordion is for orchestra players as well as for solists.

The PIGINI Super Compact Standard-Bass is a very handly, only 41cm high and light accordion. The mechanic is very light going.

The accordion is build with 4 reeds discant and 5 reeds at the bass side. The range of notes is 52 discant.

From the 14 registers it is able to make maximum 5 registers as chin switches.

The design is various and each musician can choose what is available. Possible are also handmade reeds as well as TAM reeds.

PIGINI Red Star 4C

The PIGINI Red Star 4C is a light and handly accordion for orchestra players as well as for entertainment musicians.

The accordion is build with 4 reeds and 15 registers discant and 5 reeds and 5 registers at the bass side. The range of notes is 52 at the discant and 120 basses.

From the 15 discant registers it is possible to have maximum 4 chin switches. The outside design (cover, grill, bellow color a.s.o.) is choosable from each musician.

Possible are also hand made reeds.